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Semiplamated Plover, Seward, Alaska.

Semipalmated Plover, Seward, Alaska.

Since I’m in the bird frame of mind sorta speak, I decided to check out some of our local shorebirds.  Compared to the Copper River Delta, Seward gets a tiny migration – but hey, its close!

The favorable tides and wind corresponded with the middle of a bright sunny day which equals harsh ugly light, so I leaned heavy on flash to help tame and overcome the bad light.

I ended up getting pretty wet laying in the mud and water for two hours – but I think it was worth it!

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  2. Hey Ron,

    You’re actually looking up at a semipalmated plover? Wild!

    Love the shot. The slightly raised foot gives it some motion.


    PS – (typo in ‘palmated’ in the text under the image, bro)

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    Thanks Laurent!

    I did use a flash on this one – it was taken during the middle of the day in harsh light, so I think the flash with extender helped a lot.

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