Seward, Alaska

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Mount Alice, from Seward, Alaska.

Mount Alice, from Seward, Alaska.

I captured this last night at sunset from within the city limits of Seward, looking towards Mt. Alice and the Chugach National Forest.  I was hoping for a bit more color in the sky, but that’s OK, I think it is still a pretty scene.  I think I have more photos of Mt Alice then of any other subject!

Anyone visiting Seward this past weekend (and there were many) must think this is an amazing place.  We had perfect temperatures in the mid-70’s, beautiful scenery in every direction, and if that wasn’t enough, two very active  humpback whales, keeping visitors and locals alike, entertained as they worked their way back and fourth along the towns coastline.

I have always felt that on a nice day Seward is the most beautiful place I have visited.  Unfortuantely, thanks to 65 inches of average annual rainfall and 80 inches of average annual snowfall (according to The Milepost), weekends like this don’t happend often enough.  But when they do, it sure is easy to forget about those rainy summers, and dark winters!

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    Thanks Jim – I hear ya! I know that you are familiar with what winter is like here – makes days like this that much better.

    Thanks Richard! That is a great question, I don’t really know. High pressure can move in a give us weeks of sun, then a low takes over and we may have weeks of rain. I think of summer lasting about a 100 days. If I had to guess I would say say in some summers we have as few as 5 or 10 nice days, others, maybe 40 or 50.

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  4. I think Carl is running an experiment to see how much CO2 he can pump in the atmosphere up there to get through those harsh winters.

    Gorgeous shot Ron. Say – what is that greenish mist about mid-way up the mountain?

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    Hi Mark,

    After last summer, Carl has to be loving this one! I haven’t talked to him lately, but it must be a treat – although I think there are a few more fires out that way which could be making photography a challenge.

    I’m not sure what you mean by the green mist. There is a tree line up to about 1,000 feet on the mountains – then a stretch of alders which are super green this time of year – maybe you are seeing the band of alders?

    Thanks Mark!

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  7. Wonderful shot Ron, I’d love to have it as a big poster to which I could look at and relax. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers from Czech Republic, the very heart of Europe!

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  9. Now that I’ve found this website I can’t leave it alone!! I have many happy memories of photographing in Alaska but haven’t seen any photos of two areas that I loved — Nome and Annan Bay , near Wrangell.

    Cheers Nina (in UK)

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  11. This is awesome. It might take me years to take pics as good as this and probably investment on a better camera. But anyways, thanks for sharing a picture of Alaska I didn’t see in Seward.

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