Seward Boat Harbor

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Seward Boat Harbor

Seward Boat Harbor, Alaska.

Yesterday’s (Thursday) sunrise wasn’t limited to Seward, it was so spectacular in Anchorage that they did a story on it on the nightly news! 

Today I was ready and went down to the Small Boat Harbor.  The sunrise was very short lived and not nearly as spectacular, but it was still pretty nice.

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  1. Ron, I went out yesterday (the morning you got this shot) as well. Didn’t return with much though, I think you came away better. Funny that we are having such similar sunrises the last two days. I wonder what this morning will bring!? Looking out the door, it’s almost crystal clear, with just one long thing strand running across the bay and Homer. Might actually be pretty nice.

    I like this shot of the boat harbor.

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    Hey thanks guys!

    Scott, it is interesting how these sunsets effect such a large area. I remember seeing a wonderful sunset in Valdez the same night my wife watched a great one here in Seward.

    We actually have clouds here this morning, but they are below the mountain tops, so looks like I will be working on the computer instead of shooting 🙁


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