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  1. Nice Ron! I wonder what time the sun is setting up in Canada, since I’ll be going there shortly. I can see waking up for sunrise being brutal if it sets at 10 p.m…

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    Thanks Richard!

    Yes, I find I have to choose one end or the other – sunrise or sunset. Too tiring to do both for very many days. It would depend on where in Canada. The Yukon would have days longer this us, but areas further South would be shorter.

  3. Ah got it. I’ll be in Banff and Yoho, which I’m sure is a lot further south than Seward. says it sets at 8:15, not so bad, but sunrise is at 5 a.m. Ouch!

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  5. This is an amazing photograph. Does the sun actually set or is that as low as it gets? Love the reflection off the water. Also, that’s a lot of snow for summer on the mountains. Or is it still spring in the picture?

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    Thanks everyone!

    @ boat rentals. Thanks! We are South of the Arctic Circle, so the sun does set here, but it doesn’t set far enough to get dark – just skims below the horizon to the North. That is snow in the photo – the mountains are still full of snow – we had a very snowy winter!

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