Seward comes to Los Angeles

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Seward, Alaska

This image was captured within the city limits of Seward, Alaska – looking out at Mt. Alice and the Chugach National Forest.

If you are in Los Angeles or Orange County, California over the next 12 weeks, you might see this image on a billboard promoting Nature Valley products.  Pretty cool!

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    Hey Richard – I thought that would be cool if you saw one and grabbed a shot, thanks for offering- but don’t go out of your way. Thanks.

    I’m surprised to hear from you Carl – it sounds miserably cold out there! Stay warm bro!


  3. Hello Ron. I am a little sorry that some day.So I didn’t say to you.But p?ctures have been send from you good and beaut?ful.I have in loved nature s?nce have known my myselves

  4. I think you need to get a picture of yourself (or Janine) standing next to the billboard of your shot here Ron. That would be pretty cool!

    Great image BTW, the light is just magical.

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  7. Hey Ron,
    Great shot! I hope the weather is like that when we come up in 2 weeks! Look forward to seeing you and Janine.
    Kathi, Janessa, Jacqueline

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