Seward Flooding

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Forest Acres

We have had some heavy rain and wind the last couple of days, but today it really picked up.  The City of Seward has declared a state of emergency, and many of the roads are closed including the Seward Highway in multiple places.  The water was really deep crossing the Seward Highway at Mile 4.  I didn’t go close enough for a photo of the Seward Highway, but did take a couple of photos of other areas.  I will take a few more in an hour or so at high tide. 

The above photo is looking into Forest Acres, the below photo is of Nash Road.  Both of these roads are fairly elevated disguising the depth of the surrounding water.

Nash Road

Update:  I took a few more photos at high tide.  I should mention, our house is on high ground and not in any danger.  Unfortunately, it sounds like a few friends aren’t so fortunate.

Lowell Point Road

This is what’s left of Lowell Point Road.  This area looked fine an hour ago, now the waterfall seems to be overflowing it’s banks with water flowing into the hatchery and the Marine Center.

Seward Marine Center

Flooding at Railway Ave. and the Seward Marine Center.

Resurrection Bay

At high tide, waves on Resurrection Bay were breaking over the bike trail and into the campground.

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  1. What a mess! Is it still raining? We’ll watch the 6:00 news for an update. Keep as dry as you can.

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  4. thanks for the pics. My cousin Gloria Sears owns Ocean Front B&B out past Lowell Point Bridge. I was finally able to contact her. No damage to her house but they have to go home by boat because of the bridge. I appreciate seeing more pics. We were just there in Sept, disembarked a cruise ship and stayed with relatives in Anchorage. Will look forward to more pics.

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    Hi Lori,

    I know Gloria, glad to hear her home and B&B is OK! That area around the waterfall looks much different then it did when you were here in September. Hopefully they are able to replace the bridge someday soon. Unfortuantely it is still raining today.

  6. So sorry to hear it is still raining. I have the entire city of Seward on our church prayer chain. Im in St. Charles Minnesota and we had snow today, didnt stick but still real early for us. Its supposed to be 60° on Sunday again. Its weird all over the place. I love your other pics. I have been getting into photography and have a lot of really good pics from our recent cruise. My pastor uses some of my pics on our screen at church. I love your pic of the iceasaorus and the snail. How cool. When I get a chance I will print and send some of my photos to Gloria. I cant send from my computer as it is a work-issued computer. My prayers are with all of you. I hear they are keeping a watch on Mt. Marathon as well.

  7. The waterfall is incredible have seen it shoot straight across the road but now the destruction is incredible. Talked to my brother Bob White Exit Glacier road. THey are fine but have alot of muck in the house. I’ll keep everyone in my prayers for a dry spell. Good Luck Melissa

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    Fortunately the weather improved last weekend!

    Bob White put the carpets in our house – it is a small world! Bummer their house is full of muck, this effected so many.

    Thanks for the comments.

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