Seward Harbor Sunrise

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Seward Boat Harbor at Sunrise, Alaska.

Seward Boat Harbor at Sunrise, Alaska.

This beautiful sunrise was Monday morning. 

This time of year, because the sun rises at such a shallow angle compared to the horizon, the colorful portion of the sunrise lasts 15 minutes or more.  I always have to adjust my thinking when I travel to a place like Arizona.  There the sun rises nearly perpendicular to the horizon, and the best color can disappear after 5 minutes or less.

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    Thanks Gary!

    They are really blue. For the blog, I was working with the jpeg and not the raw, hopefully I can correct that a bit in the final image. I did add 25% warming filter in Photo-Shop to this image to help done down the blue a bit, but I think it needs more work.



  3. I believe that’s the most beautiful I’ve ever looked at, in a pic or for real!! What aperfect mixture of colors.And how this small glimmer of light glints off the water in the harbor. Just gorgeous. What a sight to wake up to!

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