Seward Sunrise

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Seward, Alaska Sunrise

Wouldn’t you know it, a few hours after saying I wouldn’t be doing much shooting, I’m out photographing this sunrise.  How could I not!  With a good humored, sarcastic laugh, Janine mentioned how we really needed more photos of a sunrise over Resurrection Bay – I probably have 100’s.  That’s ok, I will probably take 100’s more in the years to come, even if they are just for me.  In reality, because of the surrounding mountains, sunrises and sunsets are relatively infrequent around Seward. 

We traveled to some beautiful areas this fall including the Tetons, but in my opinion nothing compares to where we live.  The Tetons are a household name in the U.S., but I think this range of mountains is equally dramatic, rising out of the ocean with near the vertical relief as the Tetons, and yet I don’t even know the names of these peaks – they may not have names.  By Alaska standards, these are small.  I feel very blessed and fortunate to live near such beauty!

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  2. Amen brother Ron.
    I was asked if I photographed the gorgeous sunrise in Homer this morning, and I said “what sunrise!?” I looked outside when it was dark, went to work on the computer and the next time I looked to the South it was a regular cloudy day. Rumor has it Seward wasn’t the only one with such a nice pink morning. Oh well, like you, I don’t really know what I’d do with another sunrise over the Kenai Mountains photo anyhow.

  3. Yo Ron if you would have got up a little sooner it was awsome HA……
    But as you know I was looking at this from my work space

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    Hey Scott,

    Man you guys in Homer are spoiled – you get lots of great sunrises and sunsets!

    I almost missed it myself – I too was working on the computer – I happened to walk into the kitchen and saw the glow on Mt Marathon. I raced out the door without jacket to catch this one. Now if we could get some Northern Lights! Thanks for the comment!

    Captain Kid,

    Get up sooner! Man, I need my rest! I figured you caught this from your workspace – I remember seeing many of these over the years from your workspace – good memories.


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    The Channel 2 news in Anchorage just did a piece on the sunrise – evidently it was equally as beautiful in Anchorage as well.

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  8. god man, makes me wonder why you even travel when you have water and mountains just outside your front door! such an amazing place, so weird I hadn’t heard of Seward before discovering your site. Other than photography and fishing, what do people in town do for a living?

  9. Hey Ron

    I totally missed the sunrise here this morning (anch) .. heard about it via a phone call after lunch – I was working on the computer and didn’t even look outside. Yesterday was pretty nice though.



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    O that is a bummer Carl. This weather has been really nice!

    Hey Richard,

    You are right – sometimes I ask myself why ever leave here! It is nice to catch some nice weather, and the lower 48 does sell better. I think we have the best of both worlds!

    There are a lot of seasonal business in Seward – whale watching, fishing charters, kayaking guides, restaurants, cruise ships etc. There are also a lot of government jobs – Kenai Fjords N.P. headquarters, Chugach National Forest Offices, The Sealife Center – think small version of Monterrey, a vocational school and a max security prison. For a small town, and has a pretty healthy economy.

  11. Hey Ron,

    Actually, I did see the sunrise the morning you posted this .. I didn’t see it the morning I made my reply, the following morning.

    Today was gorgeous, all day. This winter weather is really something, eh? 🙂



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