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  1. Wow, glad you didn’t miss the migration! I know getting there was a challenge with the Whittier Tunnel closed, I’m sure it was a long trip. We hope to see you and Janine soon. Maybe you can stop for a few minutes on your drive back home.
    Love, Mom

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    Thanks Roberta! They are mostly western sandpipers, with a few others mixed in.

    Hi Mom,

    Thanks – I’m really hoping they will have the road open so that I don’t have to repeat that 450 mile drive, we should know more today.

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    Thanks John – yeah this migration is pretty amazing!

    I hear ya Laurent – a long lens can be a lot of fun, even for landscapes.

  4. Hey…cool photo! Glad you made it down there to capture this! I heard on the 5:00 news tonight that DOT expects to have the Whittier tunnel open by Friday. Keep your fingers crossed…would bet the heck out of doing that long drive home!

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