Six Mile Creek, Alaska.

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Six Mile Creek, Alaska.

Six Mile Creek, Alaska, shot last Friday. 

Seems like sunny days can lead to bright fall color photos, and cloudy days seem to bring out the rich fall colors.

Six Mile Creek used to have a really fun rope bridge across the canyon.  Unfortunately it has been replaced with a metal foot bridge.  The foot bridge isn’t as fun, but still provides a wonderful view.  This river is popular for its advanced whitewater rafting.

This beautiful canyon and bridge can be found along the Seward Highway. There are no signs marking this location, but if you are traveling south on the Seward Highway stop right at the One Mile to Hope sign and you will be in the right place.  There isn’t a parking area, but the shoulder is wide enough for parking.  Most travelers on the Seward Highway would have no idea this little spot even exists.  A short hike down the trail will take you to the bridge.

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