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Sky Pond, with Lake of Glass in the distance, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Sky Pond, with Lake of Glass in the distance, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Our original plan was to spend the night in this beautiful setting, but Park rules don’t allow back-country camping in this area.  There is a single back-country campsite about two miles from here, but it had been booked long ago.  So, we hiked up, waited for a sunset that never developed, and then hiked out with the last three miles by headlamp in the dark.  Although we couldn’t spend the night, it was still a great trip!

By the way, the waterfall in yesterday’s post, Timberline Falls, is just below the distant lake, Lake of Glass.

I have come the conclusion that hiking in the dark is not that much fun – you miss out on the scenery as you stare at the dirt and rocks in your light-beam five feet in front of you for boring mile after mile – I begin to feel like I’m driving.  And, even through it seems like you are going fast, we have found we are a bit slower in the dark.  But, had there been a great sunset, it would have been so worth it.  Actually, it was worth it anyways.

Sharktooths rising above Sky Pond, RMNP, Colorado.

Sharktooths rising above Sky Pond, RMNP, Colorado.

To this far side of the lake was about a five mile steady climbing hike to almost 11,000 feet.  Just as I was feeling pretty good about how quickly we made it to this high country destination, I noticed 4 people repelling off one of the Sharthtooths!  Geeze, our hike was probably barely a warm up for them.

The top photo was .8 of a second at f/14 and ISO 100 and a polarizer and two stop graduated neutral density filter.  The bottom image was a blend of two photos, one for the sky, one for the rest.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado photos.

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  1. Ron it looks like you found some neat places in Rocky Mountain National Park. I love the waterfall and your ribbon capture of it. Your dream lake is really neat too, I never had the sunrise on it when I was there, but it’s a beautiful place. Looks like you liked Estes Park-kinda like West Yellowstone. We found some Otters in Yellowstone and of course Black Bears in the White Bark Pine Trees.

  2. Hey guys…I am finally home. This is the first I’ve had to check out your website since you started posting photos from your trip. Your new images are spectacular! Every day another stunning photo…my personal favorite being Timberline Falls! Glad you are getting such great material and having fun at the same time!! We miss you…be safe!!!

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    Hi Dennis,

    I was wondering how your Yellowstone trip went- sounds like a good one. Otters are really fun to watch. You were right, Estes Park is a neat town much like West Yellowstone.

    Hi Tawny – Thanks a lot! Glad you made it home safely, that is a long trip. We miss you guys as well!


  4. Again, these are very stunning! You can feel the magnitude of the mountain rocks and the the space between the heavens and the earth in these photos! We would love to travel out ther one of these to bring our children there so they can experience this beauty!

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