Slab City, California.

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Slab City, California.

Slab City, California.

Personally, I think those rims are a bit over the top, but that’s just me.  🙂

Slab City  is an interesting place.  It is a formal military base not far from the Salton Sea.  It really isn’t a city, there aren’t any services, utilities or city government, it is pretty much just a collection of snow birds and squatters who are attracted to the free parking, and, well the lack of government.  I have a friend from Seward who told me he used to hang out here.  Now that I have seen the place, I have lots  more questions!  There were some interesting things there, but photogenically speaking, it was Salvation Mountain that really stood out – but  I will save that for tomorrow.

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  1. You may not want to ask questions. Staying with John & Patty for couple of days before we head off to Maui to check in on our Alaskan whales. I want to make sure they remember us upon their return to Seward
    Captain Kid

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    I really need to see that movie Into the Wild – I really enjoyed the book, and have wanted to see it since it was released, just not bad enough to drive to Anchorage. I suppose it should be showing up on cable pretty soon.

    Your truck is looking good Mark! You trailer might need a little work.

    Captain Kid, Hawaii! Good for you – I’m sure you are doing it just to check on those Alaskan whales, and for no other reason. Have a great time!


  3. You will find out some very interesting things about this little corner of humanity! To me, it is one of the most colorful & uniquely bizarre places anywhere! And it changes from year to year! Some people go to Alaska to dissappear for awhile; some go to the Salton Sea area!!Awesome truck, there! The rims are a bit over the top!LOL!! It shoudn’t overheat, either, with all thore fans!LOL!

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    Hi Beth,

    I thought the same things – these are the same kind of people who just as well could have ended up in the outback of Alaska. Probably doctors, lawyers and all kinds of other walks of life represented in a place like this, you never know.



  5. Yeah, I’m sure there are a definate variety of people there. But I think it’s so cool to hear some of their very interesting stories. I love people of all types & I love their stories!

  6. P.S. Your pics are kind of the same. You take us to places with your camera and it tells us a story. And you have a knack for filling in the blanks! So does Carl. Hope he’s doing well, if you talk to him. You & Janine be careful!

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  9. Hard to belive it, Mark that is not your truck. my name is rockettebob. i made the decorated truck along with other “ART CARS”. google my name. church of broken toys, also. burningman. rocket bob…. GO FUCK YOURSELF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Coming to visit Slab City in May 2012. I can’t wait to meet the people and see the sights! Any recommendations ~ traveling from Indio to El Centro and stopping at the Slab for 2 days, which route should I take West or East?

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  12. is now the Official unofficial website of Slab City. Developed by year-round residents (yep, in the summer too). Don’t pay $5 for the other website as you can get much more accurate descriptive info FOR FREE on

    Next time you want to come out on a photo spree, Ron, let me know…I’ll show ya what’s new :^)

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