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Michael "catching air", Wrightwood, California.

Michael "catching air", Wrightwood, California.

We live in a town (Seward, Alaska) that receives on average about 7 feet of snow a winter – and 18 feet in a single crazy winter a few years ago.  So, I gotta admit, it does seem a bit strange that the first meaningful snowfall we have experienced this winter finally happened in Southern California.  But, it did.

We spent the weekend visiting family in Wrightwood, California.  Wrightwood is a little ski resort town located at a little over 6,000 feet in the mountains outside of Los Angeles.  According to the weather service, the area received 17 inches of snow over the weekend making for perfect conditions for photographing my two nephews as they tore it up sledding on the family driveway!

AJ ending up heals over head after taking a jump, Wrightwood, California.

AJ ending up heals over head after taking a jump, Wrightwood, California.

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    Thanks everyone!

    @ captain kidd – I think they will get motorized bike before sled – doubt they even sell those down here. 🙂

    Thanks kaylee!

    Julie – that shouldn’t surprise me 🙂

  2. Great photos Ron! I can’t believe you got that much drama just in a driveway. I was going to say that I wouldn’t let my young kids sledding down the mountain on a saucer, I got pretty banged up while trying to photograph this first person on Mt. Baldy…

  3. Kind of hard for an Alaskan to operate a camera in that much light huh? Bet you have to wear sunglasses all the time, even in the shade… but they are polarized so mess up the viewfinder and live view, and fog.

    I’m always amazed at how much brighter the light is during the winter in more southern latitudes above about 4,500 feet elevation (Colorado and New Mexico) than it is here in Alaska. I do have to admit that I rarely, if ever, get above 4,500 feet here in the winter.

    Oh yes, great photos. You captured kids doing what kids should be doing. I bet they slept good that night.

  4. Hi Ron, we were in Seward today, all the way from Perth, Western Australia. We’re loving the snow and cold after a long, hot Australian summer. Said hello to ‘your’ mountain.

    Great photos!

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    @ Richard – thanks! I remember your sledding photos efforts!

    @ Kris – thanks! Yes, heard that one too.

    @ Warren You are right, there was a ton of light! I was using a 2.8 lenses, and at times was maxing out the shutter speed – never have had that happen before! They did sleep good, as did their uncle!

    @ Noella Sorry we missed meeting you! Cold time of year in Seward – thanks for saying hi to the mountains for me!

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