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  2. One of the best slots canyons in any desert, in my opinion. Neat shot. Any chance you could give some details on how it was done. The stars are sharp but so are the walls of the canyon. I like it a lot and whether a composite or some other way makes no difference to me as it is such a nice shot. Just curious. Understand fully if you don’t give details.

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    Thanks Steve!

    It isn’t a composite – it was tough keeping the walls in focus and the stars, especially at f/1.4. It worked here, as the walls were pretty high. In other areas the walls were too low, and weren’t in focus. I hope to do another post soon about my lights. I’ll add tech details to the original post.

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  5. Hi Ron, thanks for posting the details. Helps. I’ve stood there and now see what you are talking about with the walls being high enough to have in focus. Appreciate you adding details. Best of luck in your remaining time there. Hope some flowers bloom from the recent rain.

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