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  1. I love small town parades. We have them in Glendora every year for Christmas. Granted we have a bigger population than Seward but by LA County standards, it’s out in the boonies…

  2. Agreed – small town parades have a certain something when it’s *your* small town. And thanks, Ron- I didn’t get to make it up this summer, so I’ve been especially enjoying your photos!

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    @ Richard I had to chuckle a bit at the thought of Glendora being a small town, but for down there it does have a small town feel.

    @ Denny Sorry to hear you won’t make it up this summer but thanks!


  4. California definitely has different standards than Alaska. 🙂 I just got back from a seminar and the speaker had worked in Alaska for ten years. I picked up on something he said that Alaskans seem to do a lot of; the guy was talking about some Alaskan hunter in Fairbanks named Mick and asked if anyone in the audience knew him (no one did) because everyone in Alaska has a story about him.

    I couldn’t imagine someone randomly asking about a Californian and if we knew them. The state is too big for any two people to know the same person.

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    That is so true. What is surprising is how often I will have at least heard of the person they are asking about!

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