Sneffels Range, Colorado

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Sneffels Range, San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

Sneffels Range, San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

Now we are talking!  I think we have found the amazing colors Colorado is known for.

Yesterday we moved to Ouray, Colorado – what a beautiful town!  I’m sure I will be posting photos of it eventually.  But, the trees around here are far healthier, looking great, and at or near peak.  The next few days should be a whirlwind – stormy weather is in the forecast, we need to cover as much ground as possible as this might be a wonderful, but small window of opportunity.

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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    Funny, shortly after Ryan wrote his comment, we had the pleasure of meeting him at Kate’s in Ridgeway – glad you recognized me it was fun talking with you. Great place for breakfast by the way.


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  4. Hey Ron,

    The meadow b/n the foreground and the background really makes this feel differently to a more standard ‘fall color in the forest and mtn shot’ .. and, of course, some killin’ light.

    Looks like a great trip man .. travel safe, and get ready to wax ’em up when you get home. 🙂



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    Thanks a lot Carl,

    Yeah I’m ready to wax’em up when I get home – I actually have a real wax iron – no more old cloths iron!


  6. Would you consider taking on a project of photographing all of Colorado’s 14ers? I collect postcards and have only found those of 33 of the 54 to date. Bet you could sell a bunch, especially if you had them from lower elevations, near the tops and from the tops! Let me know if you ever do it.

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  8. Yeah, it would be a long project. I keep hoping someone will do it. A lot of people climb all of the 14ers and I think there would be a market for them. Drives me crazy when the postcards don’t identify the mountains . . . and of course sometimes they are misidentified.

    When I sent that request I was going through your photos quickly and thought you lived in Colorado. Do you live in Seward? What a spectacular state Alaska is, for sure! Lots of wildlife and wonderful wildflowers like here in Colorado. I miss the wildlife when we’re in Sedona and the ancient ruins when we’re here in Colorado. We’re so lucky to have both.

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    Hi Joni,

    Yeah, we live in Seward, Alaska. This was my first visit to Colorado except for a family trip as a 10 year old. It was beautiful, I enjoyed seeing a photographing the area!

    I have been to Sedona a few times – that area is equally as beautiful in a very different way. You are very lucky to have both!

    Thanks for the comments!


  10. I absolutely love this! I loved living in Colorado! This would look great on my living room wall! But first I have to look at all your other pictures before I decide…thinking of a big, big, the biggest you can do! 🙂

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