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  1. Nice shot Ron. Always gotta love a field of flowers as a foreground to beautiful mountains.
    Just got in from photographing the frost here in the Knik Valley. Not a lot of frost but being its the 24th of June, I had to go out and shoot a bit. Darn Global Warming!

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    Thanks Dennis!

    Hey Calvin – are there many wildflowers out that way now? I bet you got some good stuff, you will have to email a few. Thanks.

    Hi Richard – yeah, this is definitely less then 15 minutes from the house! Thanks man.

  3. That just doesn’t look real does it? So beautiful. Can’t wait to see it on your canvas.

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  5. I’ve just discovered your site, and I am extremely impressed. I can’t get over how sharp all your images are. I saw you’re using a Canon 1D, but what lenses do you use?

    I just started getting into photography about 6 months ago, and have been renting a bunch of professional lenses to try them out.

    I’m taking my first trip to Yellowstone in Sept., and hopefully my first trip to Alaska next summer, so I’ll be visiting this site often!

  6. Hey, I recognize that spot! I was there a year ago. Of course, your photo is much better than mine. Now I finally know the name of the place.

    Beautiful image! Love the emerald greens on the mountainside, and the thick carpet of lupine.

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    Hi Scott,

    Thanks! I have been using the Canon 1Ds III – pretty expensive, but real nice files. I also use a tripod almost all the time, that is a big help as well. And then I use a wide variety of lenses.

    Have fun in Yellowstone, that is sure a beautiful area!

    Thanks Ben!

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