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  1. Hey Ron,

    The moose seem to go higher up when the snow starts to fall. Bummer you didn’t see any up there.

    You’re right though, it’s beautiful. Did you hear anything about whether they’re keeping the road open to Savage this winter? That was in the proposed compendium for this year, but I haven’t heard whether they finalised it either way.



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    Hi Carl,

    I know – but since the snow had fallen the night before, I really thought there would be at least a couple around.

    Good question on the road. I was really hoping that it would be open to Tek – but I guess an inch of snow / ice on the road was too much and it was closed at Savage. Ice on the road = normal winter driving conditions.

    I just read somewhere that it was now closed at mile 3. Don’t know if that was a permanent closure. It was be cool if they kept it opened to Tek – I would go up in the winter for that!

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  4. Hey Ron

    You didn’t run into Peter Lik up there, did ya? I hear he likes to visit the park in the colder months. 馃槈



  5. When I see what I think may be one of the very best photos ever, you continue to surprise me. Thanks!
    We’re back now in Anza Borrego, but will leave in late Nov, but then return again in late January. Have a new bike!!! And hope to make an exciting trip this winter. Think you know what I’m talking about.

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    Thanks Mark!

    @ Carl – No I didn’t.

    @ Bert I know – I was just showing Janine your post from the campground there from a week or so ago – we were both missing that warm sunshine! I do know what you are talking about – I’ll see you there in Feb! Thanks!

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