Snowy Mountains

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snowy mountains

The snowy mountains of Mt. Alice from the home office last night, Chugach National Forest, Alaska.

A few people emailed after my mountain post earlier this week to ask if this was really the view from the house.  I should point out, I am shooting these with my 100-400 at about 300, so that does tend to exaggerate the impact a bit – there is about 3 miles of ocean between us and the mountains, but otherwise that is the view.  It is awesome to have a photo opportunity like this right out the door!

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  1. This is very impressive! I think it would be hard to get any work done with a view like this!

    What time was this taken? I’m curious to know how long your nights are right now?

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    Thanks Sherri,

    You know that is the sick part – this was taken at 3:35. First light isn’t until 10:31 – sunrise light is a little earlier, but it is still a pretty long night!

    At least days will start getting longer soon, albeit painfully slow at first, but by March the amount of daylight increases very rapidly, and by the end of March our days will already be longer then those in California. It is an interesting change.

    Merry Christmas,


  3. no need to be modest Ron. 3 miles from your house is still very close. 🙂

    the sunset isn’t much earlier than what we have here. but I would give anything to have a 10:30 sunrise! I hardly ever get up for sunrise unless it is costing me money to be there. i’m sure I’d be much more prolific if I had your winter sunrise.

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    Yeah, catching sunrise is pretty painless right now. That part is kind of nice – although 8:00 a.m. would be fine.

    Sunrise doesn’t differ from California by much becuase we moved time zones a number of years ago so that we would be closer in time to the rest of the U.S. In the summer during daylight savings time, high new is at 2:00.

  5. I’m sure you didn’t see Savsat/Artvin in Turkey.Mountains covers snows six mount a year.And green is everywhere.Nature wears every colour.

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