Snowy Sedona!

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Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, Arizona.

A large winter storm passed through the West this past weekend hitting Arizona head on.  The ski areas in Northern Arizona received almost 5 feet of snow – I’m always surprised at how snowy parts of Arizona can be.

The same storm dumped 4 or 5 inches of snow on Sedona – a rare treat!  So, yesterday (Monday) morning we raced up there catching the end of the snow storm.  We hung around until after sunset capturing lots of images, videos and time-lapses – it really was beautiful!

It looked very different then it did during warmer visits:  Sedona, Arizona photos.

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  1. Good job Ron!!

    This picture adds value to all your work on the Desert. Same place, different picture. Love that light.

    Regards from Catalunya!

  2. What fun! You captured it exactly. Mary and I were fortunate enough to be there in Jan. 2005 when conditions were similar. A lot of sleet-ice on the red rock. Lots of snow on the rim and up into Flagstaff. Beautiful image.

    Really enjoy your work and communications! Mike

  3. Post

    Thanks everyone! It sure is a treat to see the desert in snow!

    @ Mark – crazy isn’t it – Michigan is warmer then Phoenix in March!

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  5. Ron and Janine,

    I am looking for a Sedona snow picture to include in our December issues of the Homemaker (Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity) news letter. I will be using the image as a backdrop for our ‘Seasons Greeting’ message from the VVHFH Staff.

    Would you approve the use of your Sedona, Arizona photograph (with recognition, of course) for this purpose? Since we are a non-profit organization, we are looking for this as a donation and can provide you with a donation receipt for the value of the photo use.

    Regardless of approval, great photography! What a treat.

    Dennise Rosen, VVHFH Newsletter Editor

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