Sotheby’s Cover

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Sotheby’s Cover

If you have followed this blog for long, you will remember the wonderful time we spent around the Grand Tetons this past June.  It is nice to have images from that trip already in print – from pond to print in less then 6 months! 

This is one of the advantages of digital.  During the days of shooting slides, a trip like the one we took to the desert southwest last winter would just now be making it to market.  With digital, that trip paid for itself within just a few months!

These trips may pay for themselves quicker, but they won’t begin to pay for any of the homes in this catalog!

Here you can read more about our travels to the Grand Tetons on the photo blog.

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  1. Sotheby’s sounds like a prestigious company. Nice work Ron! and congrats on paying off that trip already. I hear you on the digital turnaround statement. I wasn’t selling pictures in the slide film era and I woudln’t want to either. One image I took was uploaded to my website archive within the day and 3 days later it sold. It is nice to be able to have that sort of convenience. Dealing with the post office is not my cup of tea.

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    Thanks Sherri – good eye, I think they used a bighorn image as well

    Yeah Richard, we had to mail everything off for processing, dupes etc., it was a slow, expensive process for every submission. It might not have been as bad for you in the OC – but it is just as well you will never need to know!


  3. I had some 35mm dupes made once of Velvia and they looked hideous. lack of contrast, less saturation, not as sharp as the original, was that a common experience for you?

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    I wouldn’t say they looked hideous – we had a pretty good lap making them for us in Anchorage – but, then didn’t look like Velvia. Whenever possible, I would shoot about 6 to 8 frames of a scene just so we had in camera dupes. that got expensive!


  5. Congrats on the cover Ron, such a prestigious company to be associated with. I have always liked this shot, no surprise it makes for a great cover.

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