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I am really excited to be offering a brand new Alaska photo tour in 2013 – it is going to be a yacht based tour in Southeast Alaska where we will be spending time in some of the best humpback whale viewing areas in Alaska!  In addition, we should see and be able to photograph all kinds of wildlife including sea otters, sea lions, orcas, lots of bald eagles,  and even bears – not to mention some amazing scenery and spectacular tide-water glaciers!  You can read more about the tour here:  Alaska Inside Passage photo tour.

Let me provide some background.  As most of you know, I made a trip to Southeast Alaska  in August.  I have photographed in Southeast Alaska many times over the years but I wanted to scout a few new locations for this tour, and meet with yacht owners so that I could actually see the accommodations and meet with the crew.

After a lot of looking, I think I have found the perfect boat – it was specially designed with this type of tour in mind.   It seems like most yachts only come with two or three staterooms plus crew quarters.  The bigger the boat, the bigger the rooms.  This vessel actually has 5 small, but separate, state rooms each with its own bathroom.  I could go on and on about the crew and boat, but I already do that on the tour write up.

Southeast Alaska with its protected waters and amazing scenery and wildlife makes this a perfect tour destination.  This is really a chance to see everything that makes Alaska great in just one tour.  We will see spectacular rainforest, mountains, glaciers and lots of wildlife.  Sure you can see the same thing on a cruise-ship, but not up close and personal like we will.  We can go to shore, walk through the rain forest, walk up and touch the glacier, and be out photographing when the light is perfect!  Now granted, you might miss out on formal night.

To read more, follow this link:  Alaska Inside Passage photo tour.   If you have questions, please feel free to email or call, I would be happy to answer any questions.


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  1. Well, you timed this tour really poorly Ron.
    July 18th is the day I’m scheduled to go back to work after finishing up three weeks off!

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  3. Sounds like an amazing trip. A definite for 2014. I asked my wife about it for this year and she mumbled something about me moving to Alaska permanently. I hope you will be offering it in 2014.

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    Hi Andy,

    I definitely understand – you have a busy schedule! I hope to offer this trip every year and it would be great to have you along in 2014!

  5. I’m with Andy…I am eyeing this for 2014; and trying to recruit a couple of friends as well 🙂

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