Stanton Lanier December Peace Cover

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Stanton Lanier December Peace Cover

Stanton Lanier December Peace Cover

Sticking with a music theme, we just received a bundle of our mail and in it was this CD by Stanton Lanier.  As I sit here in the desert in shorts and sandals, I gotta admit seeing my snowshoe tracks in winter is a little hard to relate to, but a fun reminder of our wonderful home!

For the many new followers to the blog – don’t worry, I won’t post every time we make an image sale – that would be boring.  But, I do like sharing covers because, well, I think they are fun.  So I post them from time to time under the category Shameless Self Promotion.

To Stanton – we weren’t able to get through to you on email for some reason, so just in case you see this – the cover looks great – thanks a lot, and thanks for the autographed copy.  We look forward to listening to it soon!

To learn more about Stanton, check out his website:  Stanton Lanier.

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  1. Ron,
    That is a warm and wonderful image, and captures much of what I find intriguing about winter in Alaska. I’m curious what lens you used? It does not seem super wide, and I’m wondering if controlling flare was an issue?

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    Thanks Phil!

    Hi Patrick – thanks! I don’t have access to the tiff file right now to look up what lens I used, but I believe this was my 24-105.

    That lens does have some flare issues. This was taken in 2004, and frankly I don’t remember the details. I might have used this technique: but I don’t think I started using the method until 2005 or 2006. How is that more a non answer? 🙂

  3. Hey Ron,

    That’s a sweet shot, and congrats on the cover. The snowshoe tracks are clean – you must walk more carefully than I do when I’m stomping through powder. Gorgeous morning – we didn’t many like that this winter.

    Congrats on the cover – looks great.



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    Thanks Carl – funny you noticed the nice tracks, I think that is why I included them in the photo – an nowhere can you tell that I fell over!



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