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  1. Great picture Ron!

    I was wondering, you probably took this picture with a tripod and I wonder if you have any problems using a tripod in these places. Do security or other personnel give you any problems or do you always get a press card?
    Is there a general rule as in places where a tripod is an absolute nono and places they really don’t care?


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    Hi Kris,

    You know I tried to take a tripod up here before, and they wouldn’t let me, so I didn’t even try this time. I bumped the iso up to about 1600 and went with that. Funny, a young couple asked me to take there picture with their camera, and that was when I realized the light inside and out was about even, and that this image would work.

    In general, I always try to take may tripod, and let them tell me no – and that seems to happen more and more.

    Richard and Carl – that is really funny, because she was back taking care of business! I could have really used her for this image. And, later that night I had a nice open stretch of railing with a cool lamp in front of the fountains at the Bellagio – it would have been perfect having her standing there as well. I think she was getting bored with the long nights walking the strip in which I didn’t need her, and I can’t blame her.


  3. Nice photo Ron! Its interesting in that I would normally prefer a view of nature, but the gold in this image makes it look so inviting. I wonder if I am part Egyptian.

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    Thanks Mark – the gold may look inviting, but don’t bring your gold to this town, it probably won’t last long! 🙂

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