Summer 2020 at the Desert Photo Reteat

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Bobcat at my water hole and new catchment basin.

I never did get a chance to share images from my summer game cameras that I leave set up over the summer. Unfortunately, because there was so much daytime bird activity, my cameras hit there 6,000 photo limit in May, so I missed out on most of the summer action. Next year I will have a programmable game cam that can be turned off during the day – and hopefully that I can access via a cellular network.

I am so glad I went down there in mid August to refill the automatic watering system. The weather service predicted a hot and dry summer for 2020, but added it wouldn’t be as bad as the record year of 2019. Well they were wrong as it has been much hotter and drier.

On top of that, since my visit, it has continued to be hot a dry with new record highs being set almost daily. The temperature is still breaking a 100 there! I’m so glad I have a water source for the wildlife. Here is some of the May activity from after we left.

Javelina with two new babies!
Coyote. We don’t see these guys very often in the winter, but they visited the water hole frequently in May.
I think we had two bobcats as regular visitors. This is from the second camera view – it is a big bobcat!
Quail family. We didn’t see any baby chicks before we left in May. These little ones showed up the day after we left!
Even the Great Horned Owl enjoyed the water.

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