Summit Lake

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Summit Lake, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

Summit Lake, Chugach National Forest, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

Just about every road through a mountain pass in Alaska passes by a lake with the name Summit Lake – the Seward Highway is no exception.  I must say, I have yet to see an ugly Summit Lake!

This was yesterday afternoon – water seeping through cracks in the ice melted some of the fresh snow and created what I thought were interesting patterns on the lake surface.

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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    @ Toni – Mother Nature makes a darn good artist!

    @ Carl – Do you skies cross each other back and forth like that? 🙂

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  3. Hey Ron,

    Particularly when I’m the one skiing. Speaking of which, new bindings and boots today .. it’s a 3-pin telemark world from here forward.



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