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Sunset Magazine Cover

Sunset Magazine cover, October, 2008.

 This just arrived in the mail a few minutes ago, and I gotta admit, it is a really cool to have the cover of a magazine like Sunset! 

We had two Zion images being considered as finalist for this cover, the other one was this image of Temple of Sinawava in Zion.  That photo ended up being used as a full page in this months issue of Via Magazine – so now both photos are happy!

Here are more Zion National Park photos.

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  2. Congrats! That’s a great image and well worth the cover. It’s quite impressive looking at the depth of your stock imagery. Anytime you feel up to teaching a class on marketing, I’m game!

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  5. hi Ron,

    remember me? I’m the guy out there with Troy. Both your Zion photo’s are incredible, I will be there in about 3 weeks. I hope the colors are like that…



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    Thanks Marc!

    Yeah I remember you. Sounds like a great trip – you can’t beat Zion that time of year. We got there last year on October 23, and had wonderful colors on the higher elevations in the East side. From there, they continued to move down and fill the canyon with amazing colors.

    Have fun,


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  8. Ron,

    Wonderful photo. Imaging my surprise when I opened the mailbox after returning from a 4-day weekend in Zion and found your picture staring me in the face! I quickly got out my camera and said “wow” as I realized my last picture had the same scene as your cover shot. While mine does not have the beautiful Fall colors you captured, it may have a little more blue than yours. A great blue heron was along the river’s edge and had just caught a meal. I am now so looking foward to returning in Oct.
    Joe Mc

  9. I have to agree with Carl. How could this pic NOT be a cover? Fantastic work, Ron & Janine. Congratulations!!

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    Thanks Beth!

    Hi Joe,

    What a treat to have a Great Blue Heron in the same scene! You will really enjoy Zion in the fall, it is a perfect time of year for that area.



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