Sunset Over Seward Boat Harbor

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Sunset over the Seward Boat Harbor, Alaska.

Sunset over the Seward Boat Harbor, Alaska.

Colorful sunset skies like this are fairly rare in Seward.  Thanks to the beautiful surrounding mountains, it takes just the right combination of clouds, and they need to be relatively high to light up like this.  Usually they are too low and the sun isn’t able to illuminate the bottom of the clouds.

I captured this photo about a week ago at the beginning of this amazing stretch of weather.  Unfortunately, with the hot dry weather has come forest fires – there are now over 70 burning in the state.  Today, you can barely make out the shape of that distant mountain you see in this photo, even though it is just a couple of miles away.

We looked at flying down to Glacier Bay as it was one of the few places not effected by the fires, but now I see new fires in the Yukon have inundated that area with smoke as well.  So instead of broad landscapes with fields of flowers, I will probably be sticking to closeups and maybe more underwater salmon photos.  🙂

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