Sure Sign of Summer

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Rhapsody Seas

Royal Caribbean cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas leaving Seward, Alaska.

Along with the arrival of swallows, robins and endless daylight, nothing signals the return of the summer season like the first cruise ship.  To be accurate, this one is actually the second ship of the season, but the first one didn’t leave in good light like this this one, so this will do.

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  1. I got a laugh out of your last sentence Ron. You are a photographer’s photographer. the scenery is out of this world. Are mosquitoes a problem where you live?

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  3. Exquisite photo. By the looks of those beautiful mountains behind the cruiseliner, it doesn’t look like summer is coming. I guess in Alaska you have the best of both worlds!!

  4. I noticed you had Stumble It as a link. I’d like to stumble on to that cruise ship for a few days!! Great Post, as always!

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    Thanks Beth!

    Yeah, it doesn’t exactly feel like summer either, but it is sure beautiful!

    I bet it would be fun to stumble upon and around that boat for awhile.

    I think it is funny – I can see flashes on the ship as people are taking photos of town, as I’m taking photos of them. They are probably wondering what it is like to live in this town, and I’m wondering what it is like on-board the ship.

  6. Hey Folks,

    Don’t be fooled – this is Ron and Janine’s newest travel-mobile. Life’s pretty good when you’re one of the most famousest photographers in all of Alaska. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Great shot, bro.



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    Thanks Carl,

    Hey, we have a nice cabin on board for ya! Heck, I would be more than happy with one of the life boats!


  8. Very pretty. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful photo. Hopefully, I get to see Alaska someday, but meanwhile, I will just enjoy its serene and exquisite beauty from your pictures.

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    Thanks Elizabeth,

    I hope you are able to get to Alaska someday as well – I believe everyone should at least once!



  10. That was a really funny reply!!! I can just see you taking pictures of the tourists ! Too Funny!

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