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With big waves hitting Southern California yesterday, I had to go to the place known as Surf City USA – Huntington Beach, California!

Water is one place that seems to consistently fool in-camera meters.  What I usually do when photographing around water is switch to manual mode.  Here, I set my ISO at 400 because I needed the speed.  I then set my aperture wide-open, which was 5.6 with my lens, because again, I needed maximum light.  I have my camera set to blink when I over-expose and blow out any whites, so I began trying different shutter speeds until I blew out the whites, and then increased the shutter speed just slightly until I didn’t have any “blinkers” , in this case, 2,000th of a second.  This method gives me the maximum possible exposure, so that the surfer doesn’t turn to a black blob, and yet the whites don’t get blown out and lose detail.

Had my shutter speed been a number below 1,000 – I would have increased my ISO setting a little more in order to get a bit higher shutter speed to help freeze the action.

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  2. Great capture Ron-
    Thanks for sharing how you made this image as well, I always find it fascinating how other photographers arrive at their final “product”. Thanks again for a peak behind the viewfinder, and through your lens.

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    Hey thanks Dave!

    I get asked to share my settings etc., and keep forgetting. I know I enjoy reading that information from others, so I will try to continue.

    Hope you are staying warm and dry up there in Alaska!


  4. Actually, I’m at the beach too! Jacksonville, Florida! And guess what, it was 28 degrees this morning!!! If I wanted to go to a warm beach, I could have just gone to Homer…

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