Taggart Lake Trail, Grand Teton National Park

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Taggart Lake Trail

The last time we went running on this trail, the people just a head of us had run into a bear.  It was hard not to forget this fact when we arrived at the trail-head at 4:45 a.m. and found it almost pitch dark!  For some reason I thought we would have some light.  We were running a little early, so after waiting around about 15 minutes, it was light enough to at least make out a bear, and would still allow us time to make it to the beautiful lake before sunrise, so we took off down the trail.

The trail is less then two miles each way, and it travels part of the way along a nice babbling brook.  I understand on wetter years the area can have a lot of wildflowers.  This is a very popular trail, although at this time of day we never saw another person.

A couple of big puffy clouds illuminated by the sunrise light would have really helped this image, but we haven’t seen a single cloud in two weeks.  In Yellowstone, most afternoons large thunderclouds would develop offering some nice photo opportunities.  In the Jackson area it has been clear skies all day long.  I’m kind of surprised, I would have thought with the large surrounding mountains and warm air that we would see some afternoon cloud activity at least.  Now I see why Lower 48 photographers in the West covet clouds so much.  Coming from Alaska, I look forward to clear days as they can be so rare.  Here, it is the cloudy day that seems to be rare.

Clouds or no clouds, Taggart Lake is a beautiful setting, surrounded by trees nestled right at the base of the Teton Range.  By the way, we didn’t run into any bears.

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  1. wow Ron. you are in a very good condition. i can run as far as the food cabinet… 🙂 summer is my least favorite season. I hate being outside when it is above 75, and the best skies are always in winter at least in California. is it overcast year round in Seward? i’d probably like summer too if I lived there though.

  2. Post

    We can have a lot of clouds in Seward. I think we average 65 inches of rain and 8 to 10 feet of snow a year – that kind of precipitation takes a lot of clouds!


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