Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

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Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.  I camped along side this pretty lake on my first night of this trip – well that is if you call stopping for 4 hours of sleep camping.  The Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge is in Alaska very near the border of Canada.  It is an important part of the migration route for many birds each year.  You can see lots of swans in this area in the fall.

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  1. Wow Honey what beautiful shots you have been posting! You are so much more productive when I’m not with you! 🙂 See you soon!



  2. Ron, you have certainly had a productive year. (When you get rich and famous will you still remember us little people?!) And shooting late and early, (basically all night in Alaska this time of year) is probably easier without Janine. BUT, when Janine isn’t there, you are stuck w/ yourself as the model. Now you are an OK looking guy and all, but its not the same as having your own professional model, Janine!
    Thanks for the blog you two, its fun to get out vicariously thru your travels.
    If you have a chance when you come back thru the big city Ron, it would be great to see you.

    Hope Southeast treats you well,


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    Hey thanks Calvin!

    Yeah, I might be more productive, but life is always a lot better with my number one model! I don’t even bother to put myself in pictures – I look like a dork!

    By the way I’m writing this from the Alaska Ferry Malaspina – they have wifi on the ship, even at sea!

    We definitely need to get caught up – I’m due for a stretch in the office, maybe I will get up to the big city – I’m eager to hear what you kind of adventures you have been up to!



  4. Another great one Ron! I’m just amazed at the number of great images you’ve made this summer. Keep it up!

  5. I happened upon your photoblog while checking the NPN forums. You have some excellent work here, and I also like the Chugach NF posters.
    Also a hello to Calvin Hall.


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  8. Ron,

    When you come up to visit Anchorage, you and Calvin and I should sit down and chat photos over a few beers. It would be great to pick both of your brains about a few things. Great photo of your “napping” lake.

  9. I have to agree with Carl. You are machine! Man you have been on the road for like two months straight now! I just got back tonight after 8 days and my mood was up and down the past few days in SF. weather not cooperating at all!

    lol and yeah good idea to stay out of your own photos. I only shoot a few of myself too as my shoulders are too thick to be good for modeling.

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    Thanks a lot guys!

    Sounds like a plan Carl.

    I hear you on the weather Richard. I spent a bunch of time sitting in my truck watching the wind and rain earlier this week – my mood goes up and down as well.


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