The Hangover

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Welcome to Las Vegas sign, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sorry to disappoint – I don’t have some crazy story about a late night last night!

You see, on June 5th, Warner Bros. is releasing a major motion picture with that name.  Like with most movie releases, the actors perform endless promotional interviews telling everyone just how funny the movie is, and how awesome everyone got along during filming.  But unlike most motion pictures, this time, the actors will be doing their interviews while sitting in front of a collage of Las Vegas photos, including our above photo of the Las Vegas sign!  I think that is pretty cool. 

Hopefully it works out better for them then Viva Laughlin!

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  1. Hey Ron,

    Awesome man – congrats. I hope they decide to make a sequel about Wrangell – St. Elias National Park? “Hangover” – could be a mountain climbing movie, maybe, eh? 🙂

    Wonder if this post will get the same spam as the last one?



  2. Post

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks man! Unfortunately my spam filter is grabbing some legitimate comments, and there is way too many spams to weed through them.

    Thanks Sherri! We do have some good Vegas area customers.

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