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If you have followed our blog for long, you will know we really enjoy mountain biking. Well, since we are in the mountain biking capital of the U.S., you know we had to do some riding and photography – especially on the famous Slick Rock Trail!

We were out at sunset last night and came across a large group of young guys. The bravest of the group were taking turns descending this very steep section of slick rock, and didn’t mind if I did some photography. This guy had already descended successfully once, and decided to try an even steeper section. Well, as you can see he was already in trouble at the top.

Mountain Bike wipeout

Now he is really in trouble! I’m sharing 3 images from a sequence of 8 photos. Unfortunately these are a little too small to really appreciate his facial expressions.

This is how he descended the remainder of the steep hillside. I will spare you the description of the sound of skin on slick rock!

I gotta say I was impressed; he jumped up and shrugged it off and began working on his bike. He actually tackled the hill again. It was a fun group of guys, and never did find out where they were from, but a couple of them, including this guy had spent time in Alaska. They did get a kick out of seeing the sequence of images of their buddy on the back of the camera!

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  1. Holy toledo, only the young have this kind of fun. And, I’m assuming you and Janine did not try this stunt? Crazy stuff, but great shots!

  2. The slick rock trail is awesome, but I’ve seen some bad tumbles on that trail when I was mtbing more than I do now. Ride safe! Do Klondike trail for a moderate ride up to an otherwise inaccessible part of arches!

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    Thanks mom – we did, but we were on the actual marked trail which isn’t as steep.

    Hi Laurent,

    Thanks for the tip! We rode one Arches trail (MB Trail I think), but not the Klondike. I keep seeing the Klondike trail referenced in guide books, and now your recommendation has me sold.

    That Slick Rock Trail is really fun. We haven’t done the full loop yet – hopefully tomorrow.



  4. Hey Ron,

    Be careful – that there mtn biking stuff can hurt.

    Next summer come on over to the park and we’ll ride out on the Root and Kennecott Glaciers .. this rock stuff is for kids. 🙂



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    Hi Carl,

    Hey that would be fun – I’m up for that!

    Sorry we missed your call – I’ll try to call you back this weekend when the minutes are free!


  6. Crazy Ron. Reminds me of the motorcycle guy who wiped out in front of me on the freeway today! I’m happy to report that it was a similar result to this guy I think.

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