Thorn-Apple Wildflower

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Thorn-Apple Wildflower 

This plant seems to have many names and uses.  Some call it Thorn-Apple, or Sacred Datura, or even Jimson Weed.  The entire plant is poisonous, but portions of the plant are used in modern pharmaceuticals for things like motion sickness medication and to counteract muscle spasms.  Not surprisingly, Native Americans were also aware of the many medicinal benefits of this plant. 

It is about the only thing blooming in Anza-Borrego right now, this plant will bloom most the summer.  We should be back in Alaska Saturday night, it will be a little while before flowers begin blooming there.

I used my truck to shade the flower from the bright, harsh sun light.  Below is the same flower in the direct sun for comparison – I think you can see the advantage of the shade.   

Thorn-Apple Wildflower

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  1. I have some of this growing right outside my front door. My wife has called it moon flower also – since it seems to bloom at night. We haven’t tried any of its ‘properties’ yet though – I wonder how it is prepared?

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    That is interesting Mark – that stuff most grow everywhere. I don’t think I want to experiment with this plant!



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  4. I have this plant growing in my yard in Dayton, Nevada. I LOVE it. It smells like a tropical island outside. I dont know how it got on our street, but it grows everywhere. I have not seen in anywhere else. It is such an amazing plant

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    Thanks for the comment!

    It is a great plant – and it seems to bloom all summer long – that is an extra treat! I found a great field blooming in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada last fall.


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  7. This plant has shown up in one of my flower beds pretty much overnight! I didn’t plant it and it wasn’t there the last 2 summers, I don’t know where it came from but it does have some of the most beautiful blooms! If it is one of the most “deadliest” plants on earth, then why is it safe to keep? It isn’t near my horse but I do have dogs and cats. I need more information. Please help. I would hate to get rid of it if it isn’t necessary but I don’t want to harm any of my critters either.

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    That is a good question, and I don’t know the answer. Maybe animals know better, because it is very prevalent, and I don’t hear of animals dying, but I would research it further.

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