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A Toby Keith video sign reflecting in a rain puddle on a sidewalk on the Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada.

A Toby Keith video sign reflecting in a rain puddle on a sidewalk along the Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada.

I rotated this image 180 degrees so that the reflection wouldn’t be upside down like it appeared to me on the sidewalk.  I then flipped in horizontally so that what little text that did show would be readable. 

A cold, rainy night was a perfect night for photography on the Las Vegas Strip.  The streets and sidewalks glowed with wet reflected light, there were all kinds of fun reflections, and there were very few people!

For this image, I focused on the distant reflected image, and not on the much close sidewalk / puddle.  I then used a wide aperture ( f /4 ) to limit my depth of field – I preferred having the sidewalk out of focus.  I needed a tripod because of the 1/10 of a second shutter speed.  I then shot over and over trying to capture something interesting on the constantly changing video screen.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Hey Richard – it rained off and on most of the evening here last night, so I had plenty of time for rain street photography!

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