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Anza-Borrego State Park, California.

As fascinating as it might be to read about the Redpolls outside my window – LOL – ( by the way, we are now getting over a 100 Redpolls at a time, and yesterday out of the clear blue, over 50 Gray-Crowned Rosy-Finch landed in the yard! ) – when I started this blog I envisioned using it more for things like trip reports and location updates.  Since we travel so much, I thought this could provide interesting material.  Well because of some assignment commitments, we have yet to travel since starting this blog – I think this has been our longest stretch ever in the office. 

That is about to change.  The Palm Springs NANPA Conference will be the beginning of a two month photo trip.  Right now our plans are to do some shooting in the Palm Springs area after the conference, and hopefully Joshua Tree National Park.  We then plan to spend about five days in Anza-Borrego State Park.  I was in Borrego during the famous wildflower bloom of 2005 and concentrated on landscapes (above photo is from Anza-Borrego).  It isn’t shaping up to be a big wildflower year this year, so I am hoping to concentrate on wildlife, specifically the Desert Big Horn and owls that live in the area.  We have also reserved 5 days in the campground at Santee Lakes.  Getting a photo of a Wood Duck is high on my list, along with other waterfowl, and I understand Santee is a great spot for these subjects. 

After that I think we will wing it a little.  We will certainly do some shooting in San Diego.  We will probably spend some time in Arizona – there is a private bird blind on a small pond I would like to spend some time visiting.  We have wanted to add Phoenix to our coverage for awhile, this might be the year for this city although I dread the traffic.  Otherwise, we may chases snowstorms into southern Utah, or wildflowers in the desert depending on the weather.  It should be fun.

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  1. If this works I guess my other computer hasn’t been letting me comment on anything for several weeks, including my own.

    In the rare chance it may happen again, there were frozen orange groves with HUGE icicles on the trees in the Inland Empire the other day because it snowed for the first time in many years down here. Might make for a good agriculture shooting subject.

    Maybe I’m mistaken but I don’t understood why bird photographers are so excited about shooting ducks at Santee. Some birds are excxiting but ducks don’t particularly strike me as such.

    Scottsdale seems like an interesting place kinda western looking if you’re going to Phoenix. feel free to drop me an email if you want to go shoot in So Cal.

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