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Zion Narrows

The only photography I have done over the last month has been assignment work – I’m looking forward to getting back into the field and immersing myself in photography.  We have been working hard in the office so that we will be caught up before hitting the road Friday.

Our plans often change, even at the last minute as we see things and find stuff, but these are our plans as of now.

Our vehicle is in Jackson, so we have timed our trip to hopefully hit prime fall colors in the Tetons.  We will probably stay their about a week depending on what is happening with the colors. 

I have some assignment work in Palm Springs in the early part of November, so this is where we will end our travels.  The Grand Tetons and Palm Springs are the only two places locked in. 

I have made brief visits to Zion National Park – it is a place I have always wanted to spend more time.  I’m thinking of spending the two weeks prior to Palm Springs in Zion.  This should give us time to really explore some of the back country, and allow us to hit the prime fall colors – at least in the higher country.  Today’s photo is an old photo from our first visit to Zion on a nice hike in the Zion Narrows.

Some of our best customers are in Nevada, so anytime spent in this state is usually time well spent.  From the Tetons we can cut across Idaho and drop down into the Reno / Lake Tahoe area.  I’m thinking of spending 5 days or so in Reno, and the same amount of time in Tahoe.  While in Reno I would like to check out Virginia City and Carson City.  We spent one night in Reno, and one in Tahoe on an earlier trip, so I know little about the area – I haven’t even driven around the lake. 

So that leaves me a week in mid October between Tahoe and Zion – nice problem!  Right now the plan is to spend that week in Moab, Utah.  Again this is an area I have only visited briefly and have wanted to spend more time.  I have hit a few of the iconic locations in the area, but I would love to explore some of the lessor known spots and work on some adventure photo opportunities. 

I would really like to spend time in Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument, I think there are endless, rarely visited opportunities in this area, but the lack of Internet in this remote region makes it difficult to maintain our business from the road.   I will have to save this area for another day.

I think this gives us a nice variety of the things I enjoy to photograph – landscapes / travel / adventure.  I probably won’t get too many wildlife opportunities, but you never know.  Like before, I will do my best to post updates to the blog each day – trips like this give me lots of good material to post!

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  1. That is awesome Ron. I’ve been to Zion to shoot the fall colors in each of the two years and it seems like the last week of October and first week of November is when the colors are best in the main canyon anyway. It was better two years ago than last year however when I went.

    Three years ago when I was on spring break from grad school, I scheduled a trip to Virginia City and Lake Tahoe, but came down with the flu a day before I was to leave. That was also on a day when i was driving from So Cal back up to my apartment in San Francisco. Talk about misery! I was bed-ridden all week as a result. And have still never made it to Tahoe or Virginia City.

    Good luck man!

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    Hi Richard,

    Sounds like my timing in Zion might be good – glad to hear you confirm it. I took a look at your Zion collection – I hope I can find colors like that while I’m there!

    Virginia City should be interesting.



  3. Hi Ron:

    I saw your Zion Narrows photo this morning and was reminded of my trip to Zion, the Grand Staircase and the North Rim last October with Gary Crabbe.

    When I read your travel plans for the fall I said, “Man that guy lives a great life (and works hard)”. As you know, success is not how much money you make. But rather, success is doing what you love.

    If you travel though San Jose when you are in CA this fall, please give me a call. You are welcome to sleep in my extra bedroom with one of my “Rottweiler photography assistants” Maggie & Rocket.

    Good luck,


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    Good to hear from you Michael!

    You and Gary in the Southwest, that had to be a fun trip! You guys both came away with some great stuff from that trip by the way.

    I like you definition of success!

    Thanks a lot for the bedroom offer! I don’t think we will make it any closer then Tahoe on this trip, but if that changes, I just may take you up on it. It would be fun to see you, Maggie and Rocket again! Northern California is high on the list of places to photograph – maybe next fall.

  5. Happy Travels. I’ll try not too feel too jealous of your months on the road this weekend, as I’ll be up in the Napa & Sonoma Valleys (again.)

    Fly & Drive Safe.

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  7. Killer shot Ron. I have seen various images from Zion – it is a place I have always wanted to go to. But this is the first I have seen from these “Zion narrows.” Makes me want to get on a plane in a few weeks. Might have to ask for some tips! 🙂 Great comp.

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    Thanks Mark.

    You should come on out to Zion – it is beautiful in the fall! If you do, I would share any tips I might have, and it would be nice to meet you!


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