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Denali Grizzly Bear

Another Grizzly Bear from last week in Denali National Park, Alaska.

We have taken a few short, 3 to 4 day trips over the last 5 months, but by in large, we have been home working in the office.  After two years with a pretty heavy travel schedule in which we spent at least 200 nights away from home, this office time was very needed!  We have been able to get caught up, and work on a number of proactive marketing opportunities that we never seem to have time to pursue.

Now I’m looking forward to taking a trip and completely engrossing myself into photography.  October is a perfect time to travel – it is wet and dark here in Alaska, fall colors will be gone, but snow has yet to arrive.  On the other hand, it is a perfect time in the Southwest – warm days and cool nights, fall colors and few people.  The best thing going for Alaska in October is the aurora borealis, but we are still at the bottom of the activity cycle, so like last year, good lights are not nearly as likely.

So where are we going?  Good question – we aren’t even sure!  We will fly to Palm Springs and go from there.  We have some things scheduled in Las Vegas near the end of the month, but before then, I think we will head to Southern Utah – you can’t go wrong there.  It is really tempting to return to Zion, as we had such a fun time there last year, but we need new coverage.  We are leaning towards Moab – I have spent a couple of days there in the past, but really haven’t scratched the surface of that red rock area.  Two weeks there could be really fun and productive.  Wherever we go –  I should have plenty of new blog material! 

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    Thanks guys!

    Gary, blow off the office and come on out to Moab for a couple of days! You work will still be there when you get home – and your kids might be.


  2. Great Bear shot. There is a lot of neat things in Arches National Park & around Moab. I havn’t decided if I going that way but its only 4 1/2 hours from home for me. Have fun and get some great shots.

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    Thanks Dennis – if you are only 4.5 hours from Moab, then you live in a great part of the world!

    Hey MG. It would be great to finally meet you in person as well! I don’t know if we will be in So Cal much this trip, but we plan on spending a fair amount of time there this winter, including OC – so hopefully then!

  4. I will be looking forward to see your pictures of Utah. A couple of years ago I make a trip through Monument Valley, Canyonlands, Arches National Park, Bryce and Zion. The scenery is spectacular! Hiking down into Bryce and looking up at the formations gives a different perspective than veiwing from the rim and getting off the road and getting a close up view of the arches in Arches National Park leaves memories of Utah that I will not forget. Have a great trip, enjoy the scenery and we know that your photos will be the best.

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    Thanks a lot for the tips Bob, and it is great to hear from you!

    I’m really looking forward to spending time in the area – I agree, it is a wonderful part of the world. Outside of the Canadian Rockies, it is my favorite travel destination in North America.


  6. I’ll look forward to whatever blog entries you make. But, this bear image blows me away. I’ve never seen one like it. The textural contrast is great, and just the overall character of the piece is wonderful.

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