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Snow covered tree along Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska.

Snow covered tree along Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska.

Sticking with the tree theme – here is another image from snow storm last weekend. 

The gloomy, dark storm clouds moving up Resurrection Bay, really helped emphasis the fresh white snow on the branches.

This weather has me thinking it might be a perfect time to point out my post on winter photography tips.

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  2. That is really cool. Literally! LOL! Yeah, those storm clouds with the deep blue-gray backgound is great!You can look at that tree and see a lot of things about it.It’s beautiful. It’s lonely. It’s tough. It’s christmas-like. It’s opening it’s bare branches to you.I don’t know. I could go on & on when looking at pic like that. so cool!

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  4. Thanks Ron!! You tell a much better story! I like to examine everything I can find in a pic, which you just seem to bring that pic to life! I even do that when I walk outside. It was around 20 degrees outside this morning,( a heat wave for folks up there! ), and I looked at everything that surrounded me and examined it, looking at it.I guess I was blessed in the fact thet I can smell the roses, so to speak. That’s what I see in a fabulous photographer,like you.

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    20 degrees – that is pretty chilly for down there! I guarantee 20 degrees down there feels a whole colder then the same temperature here, not sure why that is.



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