Troy Henkels

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Troy Henkels

When I need to hire an adventure model, the first person I turn to is Troy Henkels.

Not only does Troy have all the gear and mad skills, but he is a great friend and someone who is a lot of fun to spend time with out in the field.  This is Troy taking a closer look at a waterfall in Prince William Sound during a four day trip this past summer.  I climbed up on a seaside cliff to get this perspective.

Troy has done lots of cool stuff.  He has climbed Denali, and attempted a winter crossing of the Bering Sea and made a couple of trips to Antarctica, one for an entire year.  A couple of years ago he was one of the finalist on the T.V. show Global Extreme which had him competing in events all over the world before ultimately winning $50,000 and the chance to climb Mt. Everest.

Now Troy is off on a new adventure.  This one is a little different as it involves motor power instead of his usual self powered adventure.  Currently Troy and a friend are riding motorcycles from Arizona to the tip of South America and back.  Troy is also an excellent writer and documenting his journey on his website.  You can follow his progress by going to Troy’s website and clicking on News.

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