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A red tulip in our front year, Seward, Alaska.
A red tulip in our front yard, Seward, Alaska.

I glanced outside just a few minutes ago and noticed the overnight fog and rain had coated Janine’s tulips with some wonderful water drops.  Just about the time I set my camera up, a little bit of sunlight started to break through the fog perfectly illuminating the flowers – it looked like they were glowing red!  

This is hot off the press, just a few minutes old, unless of course you are reading this hours or days later.

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  1. Those water drops look so fresh! You should thank Janine for having the time to maintain the flowers.

    It’s raining down here today also, oddly enough.

  2. Ron,
    What a nice job on the tulip in your front yard. I think the way you let the background go soft real accentuates the detail in the flower. It reminded me that I have a couple images of tulips in my backyard that I need to put up on my website, http://www.tomdwyerphoto.com.
    I thought you might like to see the few that I do have on up, taken at the Tulip Festival in Albany, NY.


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    Hi Richard – thanks, I do need to thank Janine! Can’t believe you are getting rain!

    Thanks Dennis.

    Thanks Tom – I will have to check out your Tulip Festival images – that must be an amazing event.

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