Ulysses Travel Guide

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Ulysses Travel Guide

Ulysses Travel Guide

Now that we are back home, you may be subjected to a little bit of shameless self promotion.  🙂 

This is the cover of a French version of a new Ulysses Travel Guide for the Western United States.  This is a bend in the Colorado River near Page, Arizona.

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  1. so what re: self promotion; it’s a great pict,you have awesome skills and you should be proud. press on(as in the shutter release button) man!!

  2. Now that’s a really sweet pic! Looks like a different planet, but fun to explore. I was always curious as a kid, weren’t you? With a big imagination.But you don’t have to use your imagination for this. It’s wild!Great pic!

  3. Ron, I know you both are glad to be home. I put a post today on the Marie Osmand blog. Please read it!!!! Thanks, Beth Hi Janine!!!!

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  5. I love your Grand Canyon pics. I noticed in your Texas photos on your stock photo site, you did not have any from Palo Duro Canyon. If you ever have a chance to visit that part of Texas I know you would easily walk away with some gorgeous shots. I got some very nice shots myself and I’m still a novice.

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    Hi Maria,


    Texas is high on our lists for places to visit. I was there for a couple of brief days many years ago, and have intended to return ever since – I will have to remember Palo Duro Canyon for that next visit.


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