Upper Antelope Slot Canyon at Night

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Upper Antelope Slot Canyon and night, Page, Arizona.

Upper Antelope Slot Canyon and night, Page, Arizona.

I have visited the Page Arizona area many times over the years, but until May, had never ventured into the Upper Antelope Slot Canyon.  The stories of the crowds of people kept me away.  On my May visit, I figured if I was going to be offering a photo tour in the area, I should at least visit the areas most popular attraction.  I must admit, the canyon itself was stunning.  But, the huge crowds and chaos ruined the experience for me.  At times guides were yelling at guests to stay out of the view – it was crazy, and not the kind of environment in which I like to spend my time.

After that experience, I really didn’t think it would work to bring a group to such a crazy canyon.  But, while in the canyon I got talking to a couple of the Navajo guides and learned that another Navajo was doing an occasional night tour into the canyon with very small groups.  This sounded like the perfect solution, and after a bit of leg work, was able to make the arrangements.

I must say, this was a far better experience!  Looking up at the stars through those beautiful red rock walls was magical, and hearing one of our Navajo guides quietly chanting to himself added more to the experience!  Definitely one of the many highlights of this trip!

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