Valley of Color!

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Colorful rock, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Colorful rock, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

This was a crazy patch of colorful rock – the color just seemed to flow through the rock, it was really cool!

Earlier this week we pulled out of Las Vegas and have headed back to California to take care of some business before we fly back to Alaska.  Actually, right now we are down in Anza-Borrgo where we intend to store our trailer for the next few months.  I gotta say, it is really nice to experience the peace and quite of this remote part of the desert!  Even though we were camped away from the Las Vegas Strip, the non-stop noise does get old after awhile.  Here, the only noise at night is the howl of coyotes – now that is my kind of noise!

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  2. I thought I knew all of the interesting places here in the SW, but I have missed this one. Have to check it out!

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  4. Where does the strange color of designs come from? and How does it embeds to those rocks?…Just asking……… it stained water?..or some kind of oil?

    Great Capture!!!!!

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    Hi Toni,

    I really don’t know – it appears to be en-grained in the rock, I’m assuming it happened as the sandstone rock was created possibly with different colored layers of sand, but I’m no expert.


  6. It truly is amazing at how much noise pollution there is everywhere Ron. I have always wanted to visit this area – colorful rocks are like catnip for me. 🙂 Cool shot.

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    There are some similarities – I haven’t been to the Painted Hills, I would love to visit that place some day. There really are some colorful places in the Western U.S. !


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