Valley of Fire

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A place I call the Sherbert Hills, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

A place I call the Sherbert Hills, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

We spent the last few days camping and exploring around Valley of Fire.  I remember first stumbling on this amazing geological feature many years ago while exploring Valley of Fire – I was so excited.  I searched high and low on the internet, and at the time couldn’t find another image of this place, so I kinda feel like I discovered it even though I’m sure I didn’t.

So discoveries like this were part of my motivation for returning to VOF to look for more.  We did a few long hikes into the back-country and found lots of cool things like animal bones, tracks and just cool remote land, but nothing that compares to this discovery at least photographically.  Guess I’ll need to go back!

I say we camped in Valley of Fire, but it was actually full thanks to Spring Break, so we camped nearby in Echo Bay, part of Lake Mead Recreation Area – a place time has forgotten as it is almost a bit of a modern day ghost town.  But, I have much faster internet on my phone out here 30 miles from the nearest business then I did right in Las Vegas!  Go figure.

Here are lots more Valley of Fire Photos.

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  1. Looks amazing Ron. I have wanted to go out there for a long time. It looks like someone threw some kind of sherbet patterned blanket over the place.

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