Valley of Fire Photo

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Valley of Fire Photo

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

I was really fortunate to find this patch of Sacred Datura wildflowers right before sunset.  I wish I had a little more time to work this location, the sun was setting fast- I’m tempted to return to this spot.

Here are more Valley of Fire State Park photos.

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  1. Hey Ron and Janine!
    I see you made it to Valley of Fire. This is a fantastic shot. A one of a kind. What contrast between the soft flowers (and light) and the harsh peak. Great job!

  2. Hey Ron,

    I’m gunna ask you a little question here, because this image is a goood example of something that bothers me about digital images. The sky’s a funky a color. I see this cast a LOT on digital stuff, especially my own. There’s too much yellow or something in it. I find it happens particularly when I use a polariser, but even sometimes when I don’t. Honestly, I rarely see this on your images, and I was gunna ask what kind of polariser you use, because I thought it might make a difference – but I’m thinking you didn’t use one here anyway, so there goes that theory. What say you?



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    Thanks for the comments!

    Gary – I’ll share the location, but you will then need to come down the road another hour to Zion and buy me a beer. I’m pretty cheap!

    Thanks Craig, and thanks for the recommendations! The whole time we were there we kept saying, “I can’t believe we haven’t visited this spot yet!”

    Carl, I agree, there probably is too much yellow in the sky. I think that was due to the correction made by the auto white balance setting since I was shooting in dark shade. If I warm a photo after the fact, I always remove the warm cast from the sky. The problem with auto white balance is the entire image is effected, even that area in the sun. When I actually adjust this image, I might convert with a cooler setting like daytime, and then apply a warming filter only to the shaded area – I think this would keep the sky a truer blue. By the way, you were correct, I didn’t use a polarizer.

    I agree Richard, I was very surprised to find any green or flowers!


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  6. Hi Ron,
    Really enjoyed your photos and the discussions. Do you have any advice for someone from the Pacific Northwest that will have one day only (Jan 9th) at the Valley of Fire? I am trying to figure out where I want to be at sunrise and sunset and as many of the “must see” formations as possible in a day.


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    Hi Keith,


    I love Valley of the Fire. It isn’t very big, and won’t take you too long to explore, at least the road system. My favorite areas are along the side road that heads up to the White Domes – lots of colorful rock along that road – but interesting photo opps through out the park really. I’m thinking I will be back in there this week so watch the blog.

    Have fun,


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