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  1. Hey Ron

    Not my kind of place, as you know. But an awesome photo. The thing just pops off the screen. Killer processing job, on a laptop and all!

    Did you go see Wayne Brady? 🙂 . I can’t help but laugh when I see the name Wayne Brady .. ever see the Chappelle skit he did with Wayne Brady out on the town?



  2. Great job with the lines. I bet you’re loving that 24 TS lens. I would have sold all my lenses yesterday in exchange for that in Old Town Sacramento.

  3. Post

    Hey Carl,

    Yeah, not my type of place either – I probably couldn’t afford the parking, much less a room!

    I didn’t see Wayne Brady and I haven’t seen the Chappelle skit, but I bet it would be a fun show, the dude is funny. We did see Elton John. It was a lot of fun. I first saw him back in the 70’s when I was 11 years old. Definitely a much more subdued show this time around!

    Hey Richard, yeah that is a great lens for this kind of stuff. Unfortunately, I still find myself using a zoom more then I should just because it is so convenient.


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