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Verdin, McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Arizona.

Verdin, McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Arizona.

I photographed this little guy this morning in camp.  I have seen lots of these guys and their cool nests in Anza-Borrego, but have never been able to capture a decent photo even with a big telephoto.  Today I got this guys with a 100-400 on a full frame camera!

Normally it takes time for birds to respond to feeders, but here in less than a week, we have had wonderful success.  Our camp is full of birds.  Along with the Verdin and Gila Woodpeckers we have had regular visits from Cactus Wren, a pair of Northern Cardinals, Black-throated Sparrows, Gambel’s Quail, Curve-billed Thrasher, Canyon Towhee, plus brief visits from a Roadrunner and a Loggerhead Shrike.  Not to mention lots of common birds like White Crowned Sparrow.

I had know idea this would be so productive – I should have brought my larger telephoto!

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