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  1. Great post, thank you! We’re in the beginning stages of planning our Hawaiian vacation and doing a lot of research. One of our favorite Waikiki hotels is Sheraton Waikiki – it’s so pretty!

  2. Sure could use a bit of that right now – looks beautiful. Wonder what happens in case of a tsunami?? I can’t believe how close the hotels are to the beach.

  3. Very nice colour and composition, Ron. I can hardly believe that only 11 weeks ago we stayed several nights in the 2nd last hotel in the distance, with a view like yours only looking across to your viewpoint. You’ve brought back nice memories.

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    @ Rolf Thanks! You know, that place would be a disaster if there ever was a tsunami.

    @ Susanne Thanks – I hear you!

    @ Noella Thanks Sounds like you had a great view! We had a view of a parking garage – not as nice, but was able to find this view for photos anyway!

  5. hey Ron,

    I really like the complimentary pink sky to the pink reflecting on that building in the lower left. The beachline is awesome.

    Love it.



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